Friday, August 24, 2012

Millennium Virtual Season Six Update


Millennium Virtual Season Six is still in production. At this time there are two stories that are done created by me (Joe McBrayer) and written by Liz Warner. Other episodes still in development. Pretty excited about this Virtual Season. Lots of high drama and plenty of scare. This has been a long time in the making. Season Six is defintely worth the wait. So please be patient while we construct a worth while journey for Frank Black that will leave you wanting for more Frank Black!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Location Photos of VS6!

Here is a sneak peek of Frank Black's new world. This new setting of Frank's new home is essential to the type of story telling that the team of Renshaw and Smyth will be creating. Does this city look familiar to anyone?
Go ahead and take a guess and name the city. I am pretty excited about this location due to the many stories that will come out of this town.
                                 Be sure to check back at a later time to find out where Frank Black lives.                                          

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Want To Believe by Robert Shearman

In Wanting to Believe, acclaimed science-fiction writer Robert Shearman critiques and examines the whole of the X-Files universe, including the spin-off series Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. As such, this is one of --- if not the only --- guide of its kind to cover all 13 seasons of this extremely popular property.With this unauthorized guidebook, X-Files fans will be able to reevaluate these TV series with Shearman (World Fantasy Award winner, Hugo Award nominee, renowned playwright, writer on the new Doctor Who series and all-around nice guy) as he diligently comments upon all 282 X-Files-related episodes (and the two motion pictures), which form one of the most notable TV works of the 1990s --- and is every bit as enjoyable today. Armed with Wanting to Believe, you will not only find yourself mulling over Shearman's insights and opinions about The X-Files --- you will want to pull your DVDs and re-watch this amazing and impressive series for yourself.         -Amazon-

Also check out a great interview done by Matt Allair with Robert Shearman over at

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some VS6 News......

Some progression happening with the VS6. Pretty happy to see the two lead writers Harry Smyth and Barry Renshaw working on the first two episodes. We promise not only a very intriguing Virtual Season but a very memorable series that will scare the fear out of you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Offical Press Release for MillenniuM Virtual Season Six

It was a show that some say was too dark for television, too disturbing for its audience, but it is now almost universally accepted that Chris Carter's Millennium was ahead of its time. Before CSI, before Criminal Profiler, before Numbers, Millennium terrified and thrilled for three outstanding seasons. In the countdown to the landmark year 2000, it revealed the darkest layers of the human soul, and those who would sacrifice everything to fight it's corruption and evil.

In 1998, the show was cancelled, but that wasn't the end. The following year a dedicated group of fans created their own continuation, a virtual season 4, that addressed many of the unanswered questions left by the show's premature end, and posed some of their own, in a series of weekly published screenplays, professionally formatted and produced. Another team, inspired by their success and creativity, produced a virtual season 5 in 2007, again to critical acclaim.

It seems the appeal of former FBI agent Frank Black and his battle against the evil that men do continues to grow with DVD sales and the BackToFrankBlack campaign, which supports both series' star Lance Henriksen and creator Chris Carter's wish to see a Frank Black feature film. In the meantime, fans do not only have the VS4 and 5 to enjoy, but over the past year, rumours and whispers of a proposed Virtual Season 6 have surfaced.

"Well, those rumours are true," confirms show runner Barry Renshaw, a comic book and storyboard artist, and a long-time Millennium fan. "After months of development, plans have been laid down that will see Frank Black through not just a season 6, but a final season 7 as well. Millennium was, in my view, never just about reaching the year 2000. What happens afterwards to these characters is just as important, if not more so, than that date itself."

With a team of writers forged from the This Is Who We Are Forum, including co-showrunners Joe McBrayer and Harry Smyth, Renshaw understands that everyone has their favourite aspect of the show, which had different executive producers on each season.

Renshaw understands that everyone has their favourite aspect of the show, which had different executive producers on each season. "There are a few frustrating inconsistencies natural with any TV show, and indeed, with real life," he suggests. "Up to now, however, we at VS6 believe you have only seen certain aspects of the world of Millennium. Even Frank Black, with all his insight and heightened facilities, could never see the whole picture. With VS6, we aim to reveal the whole tapestry, and more importantly, ask what new questions and dangers and mysteries such a reveal will mean for Frank and and his now teenage daughter Jordan."

Episode 6.01 will be released on Friday 3rd September 2010, with each episode released weekly. In the lead up to that date, there will be teasers, special events, and multimedia material that will be released. In fact, some secrets of VS6 are already out there on the internet, if you know where to look.

However, the VS6 is not yet set in stone: "What we need right now are writers," explains Renshaw. "Each season has 22 episodes to fill, and although we at VS6 are few, the Group is Legion. So we're inviting interested writers to get in touch via the TIWWA forum. If you would like a chance to help define the future of Frank Black, and to help raise public awareness for the BTFB campaign, now is the time to get involved. We need writers who can not just bring ideas to the table, but who know how to format and pace a screenplay for TV. Your ideas don't need to be fully formed, as of course the showrunners and story editors will help shape them for the season and fit them into our planned arc, but we would like all potential writers to have submitted their interest in the project by 25th December 2009."

The clock is ticking. The time is near. And for some, it's running out., throws it's support behind this project and behind Barry and the team and if your are interested in being part of this virtual season and helping the team in the way they have described above simply email us at and we will forward your correspondence to them.

Welcome to MillenniuM Virtual Season Six

Welcome, I am glad you found us. This where the Millennium World of Frank Black continues on. My name is Joe McBrayer, I am one of three creators to this new and exciting series. My other cohorts include Barry Renshaw and Harry Smyth. They both reside across the big pond on into the United Kingdom. This is where you can find information on our new series and hang out to see whats going on with us as we put together this unique but dark story. Oh and one more thing, you will not be able to find any spoilers here. Please stay and kick your shoes off.